Save Penryn Woodland Petition

To the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal:

WHEREAS The Penryn Woodland is identified as “significant” under Port Hope’s Official Plan and therefore a protected natural heritage feature;

WHEREAS The Penryn Woodland is also considered “regionally important” by Northumberland’s Natural Heritage System Plan;

WHEREAS The Penryn Woodland contains a wide range of biodiversity that will be lost and is irreplaceable. The woodland contains species at risk as identified by the Endangered Species Act;

WHEREAS Mason Homes' Environmental Impact Study (EIS) states that the woodland is “significant” and the Municipality of Port Hope’s Peer review identified numerous gaps and discrepancies in the EIS.

We the undersigned petition the Local Planning Authority: Consider all reasonable actions to stop the destruction of the Penryn Woodland and do not allow the bifurcation (division) of the application to set aside the woodlot at a later date. This matter should be viewed as one appeal.


For more information on ways you can get involved with saving the Penryn Woodland and its local significance please visit.