Premier Ford Announces Major Funding Increase to Local Northumberland County Hospitals

Published on July 09, 2020

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, ON – Ontario is taking further action to address the long-standing funding inequities for small- and medium-sized hospitals with a major funding announcement at Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH).

Today, David Piccini, MPP for Northumberland-Peterborough South, joined Premier Doug Ford and Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, in thanking local health care heroes and made a major funding announcement for Northumberland Hills Hospital and Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

Premier Ford announced that Northumberland Hills Hospital will receive $5,619,800 million in total additional funding for fiscal year 2020/2021 to meet current and future demands for regular services. Overall Northumberland Hills Hospital will receive a 10.8% increase in funding for 2020/2021. Last year, MPP Piccini announced $3.8 million in additional funding, which is now being annualized.

As a small sized hospital, Campbellford Memorial Hospital will receive $306,862 in total additional funding for fiscal year 2020/2021. Overall, Campbellford Memorial Hospital will receive a 2% increase in funding for 2020/2021.

This hospital investment takes into consideration incremental growth to support flexibility, annualizing 2019/2020 in-year investments to provide continued financial stability and relief, and ensuring all publicly funded hospitals receive a minimum of a 1% increase.

“Our government believes that no matter where you live in Ontario, you and your family deserve access to quality care close to home. Today’s investment in Northumberland Hills Hospital and Campbellford Memorial Hospital will not only ensure our frontline heroes can respond to the threat of COVID-19, but better serve patients living in Cobourg, Port Hope, and the surrounding communities.” – Premier Doug Ford

“Our government is working with our hospital partners to fix the long-standing issues that disadvantaged funding for small- and medium-sized hospitals,” said Minister Elliott. “That’s why we’ve annualized last year’s historic investment of $68 million for small- and medium-sized hospitals to provide continued financial relief to hospitals in Ontario and ensure patients can access the care they need no matter where they live.” – Minister Elliott

“Today’s announcement builds on previous historic investments at Campbellford Memorial Hospital and Northumberland Hills Hospital, and it continues to send a clear message that this Government is determined to fix the long-standing funding inequities that for so many years have disadvantaged small and medium sized hospitals. These unprecedented times have highlighted the importance of having a strong health care system and I will continue to work alongside Campbellford Memorial Hospital and Northumberland Hills Hospital towards the goal of strengthening health care in our riding. I want to thank
the hard-working teams at both hospitals for being instrumental in keeping our residents safe during the COVID pandemic.” – David Piccini, MPP Northumberland-Peterborough South

“This is truly a historic moment for our hospital and our community. Today’s announcement affirms what our team has known for many years – that Northumberland Hills Hospital is an efficient hospital struggling to meet the rising demands of a growing and aging community within a flawed funding formula that disadvantaged medium-sized hospitals like our own. That flaw has now been definitively corrected. The investment announced today marks a sea change for Northumberland Hills Hospital and the community we serve as we now have the financial tools necessary to plan sustainably for the future. Further, this stability will serve to also benefit the entire health care system of which we are only one small part. On behalf of the patients we serve, our team, our Board and our community, thank you for this new stability.” – Linda Davis, President and CEO, Northumberland Hills Hospital

“The increase of $306,862 in annual operating funding announced today by the Premier, Deputy Premier and MPP Piccini, along with the significant support CMH has received over the past 2 years from the Provincial Government is greatly appreciated. This support has helped address our historic and current facility and financial pressures, and enables the hospital to continue to provide the highest level of quality services to the residents of Trent Hills and surrounding rural communities.” – Varouj Eskedjian, President and CEO, Campbellford Memorial Hospital


Part of Ontario’s Action Plan: Responding to COVID-19 included $935 million more in new investments for Ontario hospitals this year. As part of that funding, $594 million will support hospitals to meet current and future demands for regular services. This represents approximately a 3% overall increase in funding to the hospital sector.

These are extraordinary times that demand extraordinary measures. That’s why our government is also investing $341 million in hospitals to ensure their ongoing readiness to care for an increasing number of COVID-19 patients. This includes funding for up to 1,000 acute care beds, 500 critical care beds and assessment centres.

This announcement reflects the ongoing commitment of the government to protect the health of Ontarians. Our government’s action plan will help us continue building a sustainable and connected health care system and equip hospitals to tackle the evolving COVID-19 situation.


 Ontario is also increasing public health funding by $160 million to support COVID-19 monitoring, surveillance, and laboratory and testing, while also investing in virtual care and Telehealth Ontario.
 Ontario is also investing $243 million for surge capacity in the long-term care sector, as well as funding for 24/7 screening, more staffing to support infection control, and supplies and equipment to help tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.
 Ontario has invested $75 million to supply personal protective equipment and critical medical supplies to front-line staff to tackle COVID-19.
 To provide continued financial stability and relief, our government annualized the $68 million investment from 2019/20 for small- and medium sized hospitals.