MPP Piccini Hosts Rural Public Consultation on Broadband Expansion

Published on January 23, 2019

MPP Piccini Hosts Rural Public Consultation on Broadband Expansion


Roundtable in Northumberland – Peterborough South on broadband and cellular connectivity

CODRINGTON, ON - David Piccini, M.P.P. for Northumberland – Peterborough South hosted broadband consultation this past weekend in Codrington. At the roundtable, M.P.P. Piccini provided an overview of the Province’s broadband and cellular connectivity initiative, as well as information about Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) and listened to residents on the issues and concerns they had in keeping with, and prior to commitments made in the Fall Economic Statement.


The Provincial Government is committed to ensuring that communities across Ontario have access to critical broadband and cellular connectivity. To support this commitment, and help promote job creation and economic competitiveness, the Province will release a broadband and cellular strategy in early 2019 outlining an action plan to expand broadband, digital services and cellular access in unserved and underserved areas. Crucial to this plan, was listening to rural residents in Northumberland – Peterborough South.

“Affordable broadband connectivity is essential in rural areas to allow families to stay in touch, connect businesses with the world, and make rural communities investment-ready so they can do business,” said David Piccini, M.P.P. for Northumberland – Peterborough South.


The Province is engaging the telecommunications sector to better understand how the government can support and encourage the sector to expand their networks. The broadband and cellular strategy will outline how the province will promote partnerships with the private sector for investment and implement appropriate regulatory and policy measures to support infrastructure expansion.


“Investing in broadband infrastructure to expand access to reliable, fast and affordable broadband internet connectivity will allow communities and businesses to fully participate and compete in the digital economy,” said Piccini.  


The Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN), a non-profit created by the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) in 2010 to improve broadband access in Eastern Ontario, has proposed a Commercial Cellular Gap project that seeks to enhance mobile broadband and close cellular connectivity gaps in Eastern Ontario. Along with Phase II which is the second large broadband project for the region in recent years. The Ministry of Infrastructure is currently reviewing EORN’s proposal.