Government for the People Improving Public Transit Across Ontario

Published on March 26, 2019

Government for the People Improving Public Transit Across Ontario

Projects will lead to less congestion, faster commutes and more family time in communities outside of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

March 26, 2019 9:32 A.M.

Ministry of Infrastructure

PETERBOROUGH — Ontario's government is working for the people to deliver on its promise to get people moving faster through new infrastructure funding that will help make the province open for business and open for jobs.

"Our communities count on commuter infrastructure to get people to work and home again to their families," said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Infrastructure. "Our government's investment will make public transit infrastructure better, safer, and more accessible."

On April 2, 85 eligible municipalities located outside of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) will be able to nominate their most critical public transit projects under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). This stream will fund construction, expansion and improvement of public transit networks.   

The first intake of the Public Transit stream of the 10-year infrastructure program will unlock up to $1.62 billion in joint provincial and federal funding for critical public transit outside the GTHA. In total, ICIP will unlock up to $30 billion in combined federal, provincial, and local investments in Ontario communities as part of a 10-year bilateral agreement.

"Our economy, our communities, and our families all rely on infrastructure," said Minister McNaughton. "The Public Transit stream will build and improve urban transit networks and service extensions that will transform the way that the people of Ontario live, move and work."

Municipalities can easily apply for all ICIP funding streams using the Grants Ontario website, a 'one-window' source that handles application intake, review, nomination, reporting and transfer payment management processes.

"Our government is listening and has heard the infrastructure needs of our municipalities," said Minister McNaughton. "We are committed to cutting red tape for local governments and funding local infrastructure priorities in the province while putting Ontario back on a path to balance so that we can protect our hospitals, schools and other vital public services."

Quick Facts

  • The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program is a $30 billion, 10-year infrastructure program cost-shared between federal, provincial and municipal governments. Ontario’s share per project will be up to 33.33 per cent, or $10.2 billion spread across four streams: 1. Rural and Northern 2. Public Transit 3. Green 4. Community, Culture and Recreation.
  • Funding is allocated to transit systems based on their share of total transit ridership in Ontario as per the 2015 Canadian Urban Transit Association Fact Book. This allocations-based funding model was set by the federal government.
  • The application intake for the Rural and Northern stream under ICIP is open until May 14, 2019.
  • More information on future intakes, including for those municipalities inside the GTHA, will be available soon. Intakes for other streams will launch later this year.